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Dealing with summer heat - Darren Wogman Gets Gardening

  While spring has been a very wet one this year, already plants are suffering from the summer heat, which leads to them not having enough water at their root systems. Water companies are maybe thinking about hosepipe bans and so how to use water efficiently and to benefit your garden is highly important.      Established large plants such as trees and shrubs are mostly ok. They have a greater spread of roots underground than there are branches, twigs and leaves about ground. There is a balance between the plant’s ability to draw water from the ground and the amount of growth attained above ground, and in a dry year, the growth rings of trees will be closer together than in wet years. Dendrochronology is the science of mapping tree rings from this data and tells us how the moisture has affected tree growth, enabling trees to be dated accurately. Plants can absorb nutrients only in soluble form, and in dry conditions the growth will slow down tremendously. A really good wat

Darren Wogman Gets Gardening - 7 Gardening Tips for Beginners

Starting off.. Plenty of studies show the impact of gardening on mental health. Being out in fresh air, hearing the birds chirping and getting your hands dirty are all great ways to relax, structure your day and keep busy in a nurturing and productive manner. Gardening is a broad hobby. It's useful to think about what your ultimate goals are so that you can plan accordingly. Don't be afraid to dream big! Maybe you're looking for slow and steady project growing bushes or shrubs to provide edging or screening. You could be planning a flower meadow or even just a patch of grass to sit on and enjoy. Vegetables and fruits are a popular option for beginners and these have the added benefit of producing something usable for you, your family or even your community. Growing your own foods in your garden can be highly rewarding. It's a great way to make sure you're getting your 5-a-day and makes the gardening more outcome orientated, which can be very helpful to keep thing