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Darren Wogman Gets Gardening - A Guide to Herbs at Home

 Darren Wogman Gets Gardening - A Guide to Herbs at Home Herbs are a great addition to any garden, no matter what the size. They provide an ongoing mix of scents and colours and tend to produce all year round. They're simple to cultivate and trim, for your own use. These plants have such varied uses. You can cultivate them for cooking or keep them in place to act as attractive shrubs or borders in your garden. Woody herbs like Thyme and Rosemary will do well outdoors in most climates, while tender herbs like parsley or basil may be better suited to a window box or something with much more shelter and protection from the elements. The nice thing about herb growing is that you can place them in purpose-built herb or vegetable gardens as well as in raised potting or flower beds. Herbs also do very well in pots and this may be a better option for people with limited planting space. Growing in pots also prevents the plants from getting too out of control and allows them to be moved arou

Darren Wogman Gets Gardening - Which Plants Should You Choose - And How To Pick Them

Ultimately, it all comes down to your garden, its local environment and microclimate. How much direct sun is there? Is there shelter from the elements? Perhaps a wall or overhang? Pick in the right spots for the right plants is critical. Plants that have a vigorous growth habit, that is to say, they are quick growers will need plenty of sunshine and water. Often, they will need a fair amount of deep soil so that they're able to lay down good, strong roots both for anchorage and to provide adequate water and nutrients. One way to keep these plants in check can be to use pots. Plants confined to pots are physically unable to spread and take over your garden. However, care should be taken to ensure that the roots don't get compacted. This can impact on growth, but is only really an issue for large rooted plants like trees. Fruit-producing plants will also need plenty of sun, and water. Sunshine is like fuel for plants, without it, they won't be able to generate the energy need