Darren Wogman Gets Gardening - A Guide to Herbs at Home

 Darren Wogman Gets Gardening - A Guide to Herbs at Home Herbs are a great addition to any garden, no matter what the size. They provide an ongoing mix of scents and colours and tend to produce all year round. They're simple to cultivate and trim, for your own use. These plants have such varied uses. You can cultivate them for cooking or keep them in place to act as attractive shrubs or borders in your garden. Woody herbs like Thyme and Rosemary will do well outdoors in most climates, while tender herbs like parsley or basil may be better suited to a window box or something with much more shelter and protection from the elements. The nice thing about herb growing is that you can place them in purpose-built herb or vegetable gardens as well as in raised potting or flower beds. Herbs also do very well in pots and this may be a better option for people with limited planting space. Growing in pots also prevents the plants from getting too out of control and allows them to be moved arou

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My name is Darren Wogman, born and bred in Birmingham, UK.

I'm a keen, self-taught gardener. I've started this blog to share what I've learnt and to help others to enjoy their own spaces as much as I have.

This last year in lockdown has made us all rethink and reevaluate our homes. I hope you will find my posts useful, interesting and enjoyable to read 


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